Looking For The Perfect Saltwater Aquarium Starter Kit?

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The search for the perfect saltwater aquarium starter kit has never been easier. From cheaper to more expensive ones, these are our favorites.

Although a little more expensive, saltwater aquariums offer a wide range of colorful fish and corals that are not available for freshwater setups. You may be new and inexperienced in the world of marine animals (and tanks). However, don’t worry; we’ve selected our favorite saltwater aquarium starter kits just for you.

From cheaper to more expensive, they are suitable for everyone’s wallet! Are you ready to step into the luxurious and enchanting world of marine aquariums? If so, let’s go!

Origin and Historical Background

An aquarium is a vivarium made mostly of high-strength glass or plastic that houses plants and animals that live in water. The term aquarium comes from the Latin word aqua, meaning ‘water’, with the suffix -arium, meaning ‘a place for relating to’. The term was coined by the English naturalist Philip Henry Gosse.

  • The Sumerians are the earliest known aquarists. They kept fish in artificial ponds at least 4,500 years ago.
  • The ancient Romans were the first known marine aquarists. They were making ponds that were supplied with fresh seawater from the ocean.
  • Jeanne Villepreux-Power, a French naturalist, invented the first recognizable glass aquarium in 1832.
  • The first display aquarium was opened to the public in 1853 at Regent’s Park in London.
  • The first oceanarium or large marine aquarium (Marineland) was built in 1938 near St. Augustine, Florida.

Basics Of Saltwater Aquariums

Although rumors claim otherwise, saltwater aquariums aren’t mysterious and difficult to maintain. With the development of quality equipment and related products, as well as a better understanding of the needs of marine organisms, they’re becoming increasingly popular. Truth be told, a hobby with marine aquariums is more expensive than a freshwater one. For starters, you can start out with a basic fish-only setup. Over time, you will definitely improve and you can progress into invertebrates and live corals. The key to success is to go slowly!

Equipment For Saltwater Aquariums

When it comes to your saltwater aquarium starter kit, it would be best to choose the largest aquarium and the best equipment you can afford. Larger aquariums offer stability and room for beginner mistakes, unlike smaller ones. When it comes to equipment, you don’t want to skimp on the well-being of your animals, right? Trust us; your little friends will appreciate it.

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What About The Experience?

The best thing is that you don’t really need previous experience! However, keep in mind that keeping a saltwater aquarium requires a little more patience and a little more money than a freshwater one. All you need is proper planning, research, and a lot of love. With that, success is guaranteed.

Therefore, if you have decided to embark on this adventure, let us help you. These are our saltwater aquarium starter kit favorites.

Hygger Horizon 8 Gallon LED Glass Aquarium Kit


  • Weight: 20 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 19 x 11.8 x 9.6 inches.
  • Capacity: 8 gallons.
  • Lighting: LED color light.
  • Glass or Acrylic: Glass.
  • Accessories: Power filter, pump, one-strip aquarium LED light, AC adapter, remote control, waterfall attachment, and instruction manual.
  • Warranty: One-year warranty



The Hygger Horizon LED Glass Aquarium Kit includes an 8 gallons tank, which can hold 6 gallons of water. When full of water, the tank weighs about 68lbs. Due to these characteristics, it is considered a smaller capacity tank. However, it is ideal for those with limited space.


The tank is made of glass of curved, convex-arched shape. The material from which the glass is made is a high-quality non-toxic glass glue and black plastic rims. In other words, there should be no leaks.


The included LED lighting system is 18W and features extendable brackets. This means it can expand from 0 to 19 inches, depending on needs. Unfortunately, this is not an underwater light. However, it can survive if it accidentally falls into the water.

This model has 3 light modes: White LEDS, Blue + white + red LEDS, and Red + blue LEDS. Most importantly, the LED light can last up to 20000 hours of lighting.

Filtration System

This all-in-one saltwater aquarium kit features a low-water filter pump. Therefore, perform successfully as long as the water line is higher than 2.5 inches (1/3 of the filter height). What makes it special are the 2 rain shower tubes that reduce water noise and also make water curtains (waterfalls). Another positive feature is the adjustable flow rate that makes this aquarium fit for semi-aquatic animals, and fish that prefer various flow rates.

Tip: let the filter run 24 hours before putting fish or other pets into the new tank.

Marineland Portrait Glass LED Aquarium Kit, 5 Gallons, Hidden Filtration


  • Weight: 12 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 9.63 x 9.63 x 17.05 inches
  • Capacity: 5 gallons.
  • Lighting: LED color light.
  • Glass or Acrylic: Glass.
  • Accessories: Marineland’s 3-stage hidden filtration with a Rite-Size Z Cartridge, Marineland Bio-Foam, and an adjustable flow filter pump.
  • Warranty: One-year warranty



The Marineland Portrait Glass LED aquarium is one of those kits ideal for beginners. This aquarium pack has a decent water limit of about 5 gallons per tank. It’s small, but it has almost everything that can meet your needs. Most important of all, its size makes cleaning much easier.


The tank is made of a sliding glass canopy which makes it stable and extremely durable. Moreover, the canopy will keep your fish in the aquarium if they jump. At the bottom is a plastic base that supports the entire weight of the tank.


This saltwater aquarium starter kit comes with an LED light system that provides two light settings: light blue and white (9 white LEDs and 6 blue LEDs). White light mimics the natural refraction of sunlight creating the perfect environment for your fish. On the other hand, the light blue hue mimics the serene moonlight.

Filtration System

The filter features Marineland 3-stage Rite-Size Z cartridge filter technology. These three stages of filtration (mechanical, biological, and chemical) ensure a safe and healthy environment for your fish.

Coralife LED Biocube Aquarium LED


Weight: 56 lbs

Dimensions: 15 x 16.75 x 17.5 in. (16 gal.), 20.2 x 21.9 x 21.5 in. (32 gal)

Capacity: 16 and 32 gal.

Lighting: LED (blue, white, and color enhancing)

Glass of Acrylic: Glass

Accessories: LED light bar, filter pump



The Coralife LED Biocube Aquarium comes in two different size options, which is the 16 gallon and 32 gallons. A smaller tank is more suitable for small, tropical fish. Some of them are danios, rasboras, mollies, and platies. On the other hand, a larger 32-gallon tank can accommodate larger fish such as angelfish or goldfish.


This fresh and saltwater-friendly tank is made of sleek hood and canopy. Best of all, no matter which way you look at it, everything is viewable from three sides. Unfortunately, the downside is its weight. The 32-gallon tank alone weighs 56 pounds.


The automatic LED light makes this aquarium stand out from the competition. The Biocube has built-in LED color enhancing lighting with two different color settings, blue and white. The white light for sunrise/sunset simulation, and blue LED light for moonrise/moonset simulation.

Filtration System

As for the filtration system, it has 3 chambers that provide the aquarium with biological, mechanical and chemical filtration. This type of system takes care of any waste products in the tank making your tank crystal clear.

Things To Remember

Never rush your saltwater aquarium setup!

Don’t choose a tank simply because you appreciate its design. Take a moment to investigate the construction and functions of a tank.

Less (smaller) is not always better.

If problems do occur within the aquarium, it’s essential to resolve them as soon as possible.

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