Most Accurate Aquarium Thermometer; 6 Remarkable Devices To Opt For

Most Accurate Aquarium Thermometer

Stay with us and find out everything you need to know about the most accurate aquarium thermometer. Maintaining the correct water temperature in your aquarium tank makes a huge difference. Although seemingly very small (and insignificant to some), thermometers are an essential piece of aquarium equipment. Why? This is because all living things have an … Read more

Hydrogen Peroxide Aquarium Dosage &; 3 Best Ways To Use It

Hydrogen Peroxide Aquarium Dosage

Hydrogen peroxide is commonly used as a disinfectant for many different disease-causing organisms. Stay tuned and learn all about hydrogen peroxide aquarium dosage. Hydrogen peroxide (H202) is a weak acid that has strong oxidizing properties and is used as a treatment against many different disease-causing organisms such as parasites, bacteria, and fungi. Unlike other chemical compounds … Read more

Red Algae In A Saltwater Aquarium &; 4 Smart Ways To Control Them

Red Algae In A Saltwater Aquarium

Problems with red algae in a saltwater aquarium? Keep reading and learn how to prevent and cure their occurrence in your aquarium.  Are you ready for one interesting fact to start with? Namely, although they are so-called, red algae are not algae at all, but a type of bacteria, technically known as cyanobacteria. They are … Read more

How To Clean Live Aquarium Plants? 3 Most Affordable & Effective Methods

How To Clean Live Aquarium Plants

Wondering how to clean live aquarium plants? Live plants are quite difficult to clean as compared to those that are artificial primarily because they are delicate. Read more below. Are you one of those who simply adore the aesthetics of a planted aquarium? So who wouldn’t, given that aquarium plants are an absolute treat to … Read more