How To Save Dying Fish After A Water Change? (6 Helpful Tips!)

How To Save Dying Fish After A Water Change

Learn how to save dying fish after a water change. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your aquarium tank are essential for its long-term success. There is almost no aquarist (especially a beginner) who has not made a big water change, left the tank pristine for the fish to enjoy, and woke up to fish dropping … Read more

How Many Pounds Of Live Rock Per Gallon? A Complete Guide For Easier Understanding

Does live rock need light?

Wondering how many pounds of live rock per gallon of aquarium water? Stay with us and find out the exact calculation. The role of live rock in your aquarium is of vital importance. However, there is one misconception, namely, some people believe that live rock itself is alive. What makes it “live” are the many … Read more

Can I Use Grow Light For The Aquarium? A Short Guide To Quick Success

Can I Use Grow Light For The Aquarium

Can I use grow light for the aquarium? Find out if it is really effective as some claim. Can I use grow light for the aquarium? – This is one of the most common questions, especially when it comes to beginners in this hobby. Which type of light you will use depends solely on you, … Read more

Can Goldfish Eat Broccoli? 2 Best Ways To Cook This Delicious Vegetable

Can Goldfish Eat Broccoli

Can goldfish eat broccoli? Find out if aquarium pets can enjoy this vegetable. We know that to people who have no contact with this hobby this will sound strange and a bit ridiculous, but fish are divided into several categories according to what they eat, i.e. some are meat-eaters (carnivores), some are fully vegetarian (herbivores), … Read more

Can Ghost Shrimp Live With Goldfish? 3 Ridiculously Useful Tips To Consider

Can Ghost Shrimp Live With Goldfish

Can ghost shrimp live with goldfish? Find out everything that might interest you. Both of these species of pets, ghost shrimp and goldfish are very popular for keeping in the aquarium due to their tolerance to temperatures and water conditions. So, if you are considering introducing both of these species to your tank, you may … Read more

Can Crayfish Live With Goldfish? Find Out If These 2 Popular Species Wish Each Other Well

Can Crayfish Live With Goldfish

Can crayfish live with goldfish? Find out all the details about these beautiful aquarium pets. Whether they know them by the name “crayfish,” “crawfish,” “crawdad” or even “mudbug,” most people have encountered these aquatic creatures at least once in their lives. Moreover, many people have even eaten them. The crayfish is a respected freshwater crustacean. … Read more

Can Cory Catfish Live With Bettas? Rivalry Vs. Friendship Between These 2 Unique Species

Can Cory Catfish Live With Bettas

Can cory catfish live with bettas? Find out if their coexistence is possible. If you love your betta but think he might need company, you’ll probably get to the hard part very quickly, choosing the perfect tank mate. We are sure you would never want to bring in the wrong tank roommates and make a … Read more

Can Cloudy Eye Kill A Fish? 4 Basic Symptoms That Crave Treatment

Can Cloudy Eye Kill A Fish

Can cloudy eye kill a fish? Find out if there is a reason to panic. A cloudy eye can be very dangerous for your aquarium pets if it is not detected in time. It is a common condition among freshwater tropical aquarium fish such as Discus, Betta, and many more. In many scenarios, it is … Read more

Can Betta Fish Live In Saltwater? A Short Guide To Their Long And Happy Life

Can Betta Fish Live In Saltwater

Can betta fish live in saltwater? Everything you need to know about keeping these beautiful creatures. Known for their bright, wonderful coloration and elaborate fin displays, betta fish belong among the most beloved household pets. They are also some of the most eye-catching creatures you might see for sale at a pet store or flea … Read more

Can Anubias Grow Out Of Water? 4 Essential Requirements You Must Meet If You Want Your Plant To Thrive

Can Anubias Grow Out Of Water

Can Anubias grow out of water? Find out what experts have to say about this beginner-friendly plant. Anubias is one of the most popular freshwater aquarium plants. In addition, it is ideal even if you have never kept aquarium plants before and you are looking to start your first planted fish tank. It is also … Read more