How To Hold A Catfish Properly – Can It Sting You?

How To Hold A Catfish Properly

Knowing how to hold a catfish properly is important. Whether you are fishing for them or handling them for other purposes such as spawning, you need to handle them properly to avoid getting hurt yourself or causing unnecessary stress to the fish. Keep reading this article to learn how to do it right. The Catfishes … Read more

Can You Eat A Large Goldfish? Yes or No To This Culinary Practice

Can You Eat A Large Goldfish

Can you eat a large goldfish? Find out what experts think about it. Although many people consider goldfish as short-lived, temporary pets that might be fun to watch every once in a while, the truth is quite the opposite. Investing time in caring for five goldfish has several benefits and advantages, some of which are … Read more

Can Mystery Snails Live Out Of Water? Science Explained!

Can Mystery Snails Live Out Of Water

Can mystery snails live out of water? Find out if they are one of the few species of snails that have this ability. Mysterious snails are one of the most beloved aquatic creatures in the world. They are easy to take care of, and a lot of fun, but best of all, they are excellent … Read more

How to Siphon Water From a Lower Level to a Higher Level?

How To Siphon Water From A Lower Level To A Higher Level

Looking for an answer to the question “how to siphon water from a lower level to a higher level?” You have come to the right place. Siphoning is one of the best ways to move larger amounts of water from one location to another. It is quite simple and brings many benefits, both for the … Read more

How To Save Dying Fish After A Water Change? (6 Helpful Tips!)

How To Save Dying Fish After A Water Change

Learn how to save dying fish after a water change. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your aquarium tank are essential for its long-term success. There is almost no aquarist (especially a beginner) who has not made a big water change, left the tank pristine for the fish to enjoy, and woke up to fish dropping … Read more