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Saltwater Sharks For Home Aquariums

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For experienced fish owners looking for their next challenge, saltwater sharks for home aquariums can be a great option. A shark will make a wonderful conversation piece in your home and can be a fun pet to own. They are interesting animals that can be a great addition to your aquarium.

Though saltwater pets make for awesome additions to your aquarium, they require a lot of care. They need a proper diet, environment and large enough tank in order to be healthy. It often takes an expert to care for these exquisite animals.

Best Sharks For Aquariums

For experienced owners, a saltwater shark can be a great pet to own. They are interesting pets that can be entertaining to own. Though they are not for everyone, here are some great saltwater sharks to add to your home aquarium.

Black Banded Cat Shark

The Black Banded Cat Shark is a popular choice among shark enthusiasts. As juveniles, they have cream and dark brown colored stripes that make for an attractive look.  They are relatively difficult to feed when young, so they require an experienced handler.

Though Black Banded Cat sharks can be aggressive with other fish, they are generally shy and docile when alone or with proper tank mates. They are bottom dwellers and enjoy spending time in caves. In addition, they are nocturnal carnivores and need shady areas to hide during the day.

Black Banded Cat sharks do best in a large tank as an individual, however, they can have tank mates if the proper care and research are done. As carnivores, they should be fed squid, scallops, feeder shrimp or chopped pieces of fresh saltwater fish. They can grow to be 50 inches in length and need a tank that is at least 350 gallons.

Northern Wobbegong Shark

The Northern Wobbegong Shark also known as the carpet shark is a popular choice for home aquariums. Due to their smaller size, they can be an excellent addition to your home. They have a dark body with light brown spots.

Northern Wobbegong sharks are nocturnal, so they need shady areas during the day. They prefer to have caves and ledges to hide underneath. The Northern Wobbegong prefers to live alone, but they can live with certain tank mates.

Northern Wobbegong sharks should have a diet of cartilaginous fishes, cephalopods, and crustaceans. Due to their powerful bit, they are recommended for experienced owners. They can grow to be 40 inches and need a tank with at least 180 gallons.

 saltwater aquarium sharks

Epaulette Shark

The Epaulette shark, also known as the Walking shark commonly lives in shallow areas near coral reefs. They have been known to “walk” with their fins when the water is low. They have a tan body with striking dark spots.

Epaulette sharks require experienced owners as they need a low-stress environment with limited interruption. They are not particularly active and are nocturnal. Since they are bottom-feeders, they should have a tank with sand.

Epaulette sharks should have a diet of fish and shrimp. All of their food should be cut into bite-sized pieces. They are relatively small as they grow to be up to 30 inches long and need a tank that is at least 200 gallons as they prefer confined areas.

Horn Shark

Horn sharks belong to the bull shark family. Due to the fact they have a strong bite and powerful jaws, they are best for experienced handlers. As juveniles, they have a light brown body with spots.

Horn sharks are slow-moving and nocturnal. They should have an environment with caves, rock structures or ledges they can hide in during the day. They are best kept in pairs and can be kept with certain other fish.

Horn sharks should be fed crabs, squid, shrimp and clams. They grow to be up to four feet long and need a tank that is at least 300 gallons.

 best sharks for aquariums

Marbled Cat Shark

The Marbled catshark, also known as the Coral catshark, is considered to be one of the best sharks for home aquariums. They are hardy and easy to take care of, making them a great choice for first-time saltwater shark owners. They have a beautiful marbled pattern on their bodies.

In the wild, Marbled catsharks generally live in shallow waters among coral reefs. They are bottom-dwelling in nature and prefer to have a rock structure to hideout in. They are able to be kept with other fish in their aquarium.

Marbled catsharks should be fed crabs, shrimp and small fish. They are one of the smallest saltwater sharks, as they grow to be only two feet long. They need to have a tank that is at least 240 gallons.

Saltwater Shark Tank

When getting a saltwater shark, it is vital to get the proper size tank for your shark. A tank that is too small will be stressful for your shark and will not provide them with the space and environment they need.

Saltwater tanks take a lot of work to maintain. Not only are they are expensive, but so are the sharks as well. It takes a dedicated person with experience to have their own saltwater aquarium sharks. They often require fresh seafood in order to maintain a healthy diet.

Saltwater Sharks For Home Aquariums

With the right experience, small saltwater sharks can make great pets to own. Not only are they interesting, but they also are an attractive addition to your tank. However, it is important to understand all the work and maintenance that goes into caring for sharks.

In most cases, sharks will do best by themselves. However, some sharks will do fine with certain species of fish. It is important to thoroughly research the species of the shark before purchasing one. Black Banded Cat Shark, Northern Wobbegong Shark, Horn Shark, Epaulette Shark and Marbled Cat Shark can all make great sharks to own in your home aquarium.

Do you have any questions regarding saltwater sharks for home aquariums? If so, please ask any questions regarding saltwater sharks and their care in the comment section down below.

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