Fluval LED Edge Aquarium Kits, Are They Really Worthy Of Fame?

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Find out all the features of Fluval LED Edge aquarium kits, and choose the one that is ideal for you.

If you’re on the look for a small fish tank yet big enough to fit more than one fish, a Fluval LED Edge aquarium kit is the ideal solution. Not only does it look modern and sophisticated, but it provides excellent conditions for the growth and development of your aquarium pets. Keep reading and find out all about these innovative 6 and 12-gallon models.

Fluval Led Edge Aquarium Kits

The Fluval Company is recognizable by many things, and its unique aesthetic is certainly one of them. Read more about their two most popular products below.

Fluval Edge 12-Gallon Version

This edition aquarium weighs around 34.5 pounds and features 42 LED lights, which is sufficient enough to lighten up the entire aquarium. It comes in a 16.8 x 10.25 x 22.9 inches format and is inspired by architectural style and therefore has the ability to create a unique visual effect that captures emotions and serenity in a contemporary setting.

Fluval Edge 6 Gallon-Version

This 6 sided, 6-gallon sealed glass aquarium comes in a 10.2 x 14.5 x 16.9 inches format and weighs just 29 pounds. Its unique cube-shaped design allows a clear and unobstructed view inside the aquarium which ultimately turns to keep the fish into an outstanding visual experience. What characterizes the Fluval Edge aquarium with LED lights are 42 LEDs including 3 blue lights and 39 white lights.

What Do Fluval Led Edge Aquarium Kits Contain?

What really interests most customers is what is in the box. Well, let’s get to the point.

The Filter

Both tanks, the 6 and 12-gallon models, come with a 3-step filter that stays out of sight, hidden in the pedestal.

What makes Fluval LED Edge aquarium kits special is the three-step filtering process includes mechanical, chemical, and biological filtering. This provides security for hobbyists because they know that water will not harm their pets. In addition, the power filter keeps the water completely clean.

The Lightning Options

The bigger model comes with 42 and the smaller one with 21 LED bulbs, impressive right? What they have in common is that both models have three display settings: Bright Daytime, Deep Blue Nighttime, and Off.

In addition, there is the possibility of adjusting the mood, where full lighting will provide enough light to read while turning on only blue lights will create a cool night vibe. In addition, there is a classic daily mood to see everything accurately through clear glass.

Such an abundance of LED lights allows viewers to admire both the fish and the tank décor while displaying all the beauty of the underwater life that lies within.

The Pump

What makes Fluval Edge aquarium with led light popular is, among other things, the incredible silence of its pump responsible for water circulation. Its main task is to allow water to pass through it, so that water could flow through mechanical, chemical, and biological filtering media.

This pump is one of the main actors that allows your fish, as well as all plants, to stay healthy and happy.

The Tank

As for the tank itself, it is characterized by innovative design and exceptional practicality. Its cubic design, 6-sided, the all-glass tank will add a touch of class to any room, whether placed in a family home, student room, or office. The combination of glass, water, and light will elevate any space in which it is located.

Let’s not forget one important thing, namely you might have a little problem while maintaining the tank because it has a small opening. However, you don’t have to give up buying right away because you can use a magnetic glass and gravel vacuum to scrub the tank thoroughly.

Set-Up & Maintenance

As for assembling both Fluval Edge aquarium tanks, the process itself only takes a few minutes. The instructions are short and clear, and everything snaps together pretty easily.

The only thing that is bothersome with this tank is its maintenance. There is neither too much nor too little work, however, the tank doesn’t have a removable cover, instead, there is only a small hole in which you can remove your fish and do the necessary cleaning. You can use magnetic tank scrubs and siphons, but sometimes you will still need to stick your arm in at awkward angles to be able to totally clean it. For most hobbyists this will not be a problem, it can be just a little annoying.

 How big is a fluval edge?

In Conclusion

The Fluval LED Edge aquarium kits are among the incredibly stunning, and powerful aquarium tanks that have a fairly affordable price. The ratio between the money, convenience, and enjoyment you get from buying is truly unbeatable.

Most importantly, your pets will be happy and you will have an eye-magnet in your house.

Which of these two medals do you choose? Write to us in the section below.

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What Fish Can You Put In A Fluval Edge?

Fluval edge is ideal for keeping small fishes like guppies, bettas, and red cherry shrimps. This also makes it a great choice for beginners in this hobby.

How Big Is A Fluval Edge?

In terms of dimensions, the tank comes in two sizes:

12-gallon - 16.8 x 10.25 x 22.9 inches,
6-gallon 10.2 x 14.5 x 16.9 inches.

How Do You Set Up Fluval Edge In Aquarium?

Setup takes just a few minutes and is not at all complicated. The manufacturer's instructions are short and very clear, and with very little multi-tasking, will be able to put it together effortlessly. Each part is made so that it is easy to connect, and the last thing to do is slide the tank in the stand.