How to Breed Nerite Snails?

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There are many different types of snails that can be kept as pets, but the nerite snail is by far one of the most popular. These often colorful little guys will try to breed and lay eggs in their enclosure. This article explains how to breed nerite snails with a little help from your friends-the males who act as sperm donors!

The “nerite snails eggs” are a type of snail that can be bred. These snails come in many colors and types. They also have the ability to reproduce with other types of snails, so they are not limited to just one type.

How do you raise a baby snail?

A: Snails are hermaphrodites and can reproduce without mating. The best way to raise a baby snail is to keep it in a small tank with plenty of calcium-rich foods such as eggshells, oyster shells, or limestone.

How do aquarium snails breed?

A: Snails breed by releasing eggs and sperm into the water. The eggs float to the top of the water, where they are fertilized by sperm from other snails. If a snail is not around for some reason, its eggs will hatch on their own.


The “tiger nerite snail” is a color morph of the Nerite snail. These snails are easy to breed and have a variety of colors.

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