Choosing The Best Vitamins For Fish in Your Aquarium

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Just like humans, fish may need vitamin supplements for their health.  Read on to learn all you need to know about choosing the best vitamins for fish in your aquarium.

Vitamins are nutrients condensed in the form of a pill or liquid.  Some pills contain multiple kinds of vitamins while others have only one.  For example, you can get a multivitamin, which has over 20 different kinds of nutrients.

You can also get a concentrated vitamin that only has Vitamin C.  Certain vitamins are designed to target specific problems.  

Deciding which vitamin you need is based on a few factors. This guide will make your life a lot easier when making this choice!

The Right Vitamins For Fish

If you have a balanced and healthy aquarium system, you should not need to give extra vitamins to fish.   This is the best thing you should focus on achieving before jumping to vitamin solutions.  Try to find the root problem. Ask, why are my fish malnourished?

In doing this, you can save a lot of money and stress. It is also the most sustainable solution to your problems.  

If your fish are malnourished, one of the first things to check is the food.  If you are using store-bought food, carefully review the label to see which ingredients are there.  Depending on your fish’s needs, you can determine if this is the best food choice.

For example, if your fish is a carnivore, check to see if the first ingredients on the list are shrimp or fish.  Or if your fish is an omnivore, you want food that has more algae. Troubleshooting your problem will help you make better decisions in the future.

However, if a problem gets out of control, you may need to resort to using fish vitamins.  To understand how to choose the best vitamins for fish in your aquarium, we need to understand the key nutrients every fish needs.

According to Virginia State University, giving key nutrients to fish is essential in keeping them healthy.  The main vitamins and minerals that fish need is Vitamin A, C, D3, E, K, B, Biotin, Folacin, Inositol, and Choline.   Each vitamin supports a different part of the fish.  

For example, Vitamin E and A are critical for the reproductive system.  Vitamin K assists with blood flow and blood clotting.  

You will need to identify the exact problem to understand which vitamin to choose.

Top Selections For Fish Vitamins

If you want a general multivitamin, we recommend going with the brand Vita Chem.  This is a liquid solution that contains over twenty different things essential for your fish to thrive.  It also has different kinds of proteins. 

Consider using this as a monthly or weekly supplement to help your fish achieve balanced nutrition.  You can add 1 drop per gallon of water, once a week.  So if you have a 150-gallon tank, you would need 150 drops.  

You can also drop the liquid directly onto your fish food daily.  

Vita Chem supplements especially help with color enhancement and breeding.  You can find this for sale in different-sized bottles here

This product is a freshwater fish vitamin.  The same company also makes a special multivitamin for saltwater fish.  It is called the Vita Chem marine formula. It is enhanced with the Omega- 3 vitamins.

This can also be purchased on Amazon, here

If your fish are having trouble losing their scales, you can use a more targeted vitamin.

For this problem, we recommend going with the Kordon Fish Protector Vitamin.  This vitamin is enhanced with echinacea and vitamin B12 to help with these repairs.  

It helps the fish generate an extra slime coat, which protects them from diseases.  This extra coat also helps them repair faster.  

The Kordon Fish Protector is sold in 16-ounce bottles.  You add 1  teaspoon of liquid per 10 gallons of your tank.  So if you have a 150-gallon tank, you would add 15 teaspoons. 

If you are interested in purchasing it, you can find it for sale here

Natural Vitamins

In nature, fish usually get their nutrients from the food around them.  Plants get their energy from the sun and their nutrients from their surroundings.  When fish consume the plants, this energy and nutrition get absorbed by the fish.  

In our manmade world, we have learned to simulate these vitamins with a product.  But, you don’t need to buy vitamins if you know where the vitamins naturally occur in nature.  

For example, your fish can get Vitamin C from eating algae, greens, and fish eggs.  You can find Vitamin B in eggs, fish, or greens. For vitamin D you can use earthworms, snails, and shrimp.  

If you want to go natural, find out which vitamins your fish needs and choose the right food that provides it.  These foods will contain other additional micronutrients that are great for your fish as well.  This is a benefit of using the natural method vs. buying vitamins from the store.  

Providing your fish with a balanced diet that provides the proper vitamins is essential in keeping your system alive.  Do not skip this part.  Take some time to make or buy the right food that will keep your fish happy. 

Try to use natural food sources wherever possible.  This is what they would usually eat in nature and therefore the easiest for them to consume.  

One way to do this is to put plants in your tank.  But be careful, because this can cause other problems such as tank nitrification.

No matter what, you will need vitamins for the fish in your aquarium.  If you notice an imbalance, consider purchasing one of the recommended vitamins in this article.  After the situation improves you may not need to continue buying that product.  

Observe your fish and their health daily to make an accurate analysis of what they may need.  Hope you enjoyed the article and found it useful.

Feel free to comment and ask questions below!

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