Your Perfect Guide To Finding The Most Realistic Artificial Aquarium Plants

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Everyone loves the look of an aquarium filled with green plants.  But, working with live plants takes a lot of work.  This is why we created this perfect guide to finding the most realistic artificial aquarium plants.

Using artificial plants is an excellent way to get a nice aesthetic without all the maintenance. 

Live plants will interact with your tank ecosystem and can cause nitrification of your tank as well as many other problems.

Also, when you have live plants you will need to ensure the right conditions are met.  This means your tank needs to have enough light for the plants to grow and also nutritional supplements may be necessary.  You can avoid all of this by using fake plants.  

One downfall is that many artificial tank plants do not look real.  However, lucky for you, we have done the research to find the highest quality realistic artificial aquarium plants! These plants will make any fish tank attractive to the outside eye.  

According to Science Daily, aquariums deliver health and well-being for its users. So what better way to make your system more beautiful than using artificial plants?

All About Fake Aquarium Plants That Look Real

Fake aquarium plants come in all shapes and sizes.  Some are made to look like creative pieces of art.  Others are made to help stimulate the environment for your fish.  

Many people prefer to have the most realistic artificial aquarium plants in their tank.  You will have to check your local pet store to see which brands are available.  But we have reviewed different brands and here is what we came up with.

If you want something that comes in all shapes and sizes, consider trying the Otterly Pets brand.  The nice thing about these ones is that they come in packs of 10.  This way you can get a lot of diversity in the look of the plants.

Plant heights in these packs range from between 4 inches and 12 inches high.  You can use a lot of creativity positioning these plants in your tank to get the best look.  

The colors of Otterly Pets artificial plants are particularly vibrant. Some of them have combined colors of purple and green, making it look very nice on the eyes.  

Another benefit of this brand is it uses nontoxic plastic.  As you know, fish can sometimes nip at the plants.  If they do accidentally swallow a piece of the fake plants, they should be OK.  

Moreover, a nontoxic plastic is sure not to change the PH of your water.  Keeping PH levels consistent is a key to any fish tank system.  

You can find this product on amazon here.

Recommended Artificial Plant Brand Number Two

If you want something more tropical-looking, you can consider buying the Marineland Bamboo artificial plant.  These plants can be used in aquariums or a terrarium.

A normal package comes with 3 feet of plants for around $13.   If your tank is small, one package could be enough. In our opinion, the price is affordable for a small tank system.  

These plants were made to mimic natural bamboo leaves and can even move around nicely in the tank.  The creators took time to make this look as realistic as possible.  

To make it easier to install, there are weights at the bottom of the plants.  You can bury these underneath your gravel substrate to position it securely.  

The shape and movement of these leaves make it a very attractive place for small fish to hide in.  It’s so real that even the fish get tricked! 

If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it on Amazon here.

Third Fish Tank Plastic Plant Brand

The third and final brand we have chosen is the GloFish aquarium plant brand.  This choice is particularly for those who want to add a little tropical spice to their tank.

The coolest thing about this brand is that it comes in really vibrant colors.  These colors resemble coral you would find underneath the ocean.   There are at least 10 different colors to choose from!

GloFish gets its name because it is made to glow underneath the water at night.  You can also buy special lights to enhance this coloration.  Many fish hobbyists particularly like this feature.  

They even have multi-colored plants.  You can pick and choose between the different ones to come up with a design you like.  

They also have wire on the inside.  This makes it easily shaped and held into place in your tank.  

The plants move with the water flow so it looks very realistic.  

Another added benefit of this one is that they are quite cheap to buy.  You can get a pack of 3 for $7.  

These also have a weighted base at the bottom to securely bury underneath your gravel medium.

If you are looking for the most realistic artificial aquarium plants, start with the three recommended companies above.  Either choice will make a great addition to a tank.   

Make sure you have all aspects of your tank set up before purchasing your artificial plants.  This should be one of the last steps to avoid any mistakes.

Another exciting component of using realistic artificial aquarium plants is that you can change your design up from time to time.  The weighted bases and wires make it super easy to move around whenever you want.  

You also have great color options.  You can mix and match brands to come up with your perfect-looking fish tank!  

 As mentioned earlier, working with live plants can be hard work and require maintenance.  So, if you want something easy, consider working with these most realistic artificial aquarium plants! 

Feel free to go to your local shop and look at what they offer.  You should be able to tell which ones look most realistic when you see it in person.  Trust your judgment. We hope this guide has helped you along your way!

Please feel free to comment or ask questions below!

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