What Are The 3 Main Aquarium Air Stone Benefits?

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Want to know what aquarium air stone benefits are? Stay with us and find out everything that might interest you.

Air stone is considered to be one of the most important “pieces of furniture” in an aquarium tank. Its unique task is to supply dissolved air (oxygen), one of those things people often take for granted, but it’s so vital to the health of your aquatic pets. Keep reading and find out what aquarium air stone benefits are.

What Is An Air Stone?

Air stone, sometimes also called aquarium bubbler is a device that sits within your tank in order to diffuse air into your aquarium water. This useful part of the tank setup helps with water resistance which can be important for fish growth and muscle development.

As for its appearance, it is usually made of porous stones or lime wood. These small, inexpensive devices work to efficiently and quietly distribute air without causing the large air bubbles that we often have the opportunity to see in aquariums.

Types Of Air Stones

There are several types of different shapes and sizes of this device, and not all have the same purpose. Therefore, the most important thing is to choose the one that is best suited for your needs.

 aquarium air stone benefits


This is one of the most common types and can be purchased at almost any aquarium store. It comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 1 inch to 12 inches and is completely metal-free. The only drawback is the lack of endurance.

Aluminum oxide

The difference between this and silica one is that aluminum oxide air stone is much more durable. It can withstand years of use and rough cleaning. Unfortunately, it is not intended for glass aquariums due to its rough surface that can scratch the glass. Therefore, it is mainly intended for industrial or larger ponds.

How Does Aquarium Air Stones Actually Work?

Since water in the tank needs to be circulated, this is what air stone does. It attaches to the air pump outside the tank and then starts to produce tiny bubbles. It attaches to the air pump outside the tank and then begins to produce tiny bubbles. These bubbles are filled with air and gradually fill the tank within seconds.

However, in addition to it, aquarium air stone benefits include helping with water circulation as well. Namely, when the bubbles rise towards the surface, the water near the substrate is lifted to the top, and due to the repetition, there is an efficient circulation throughout the tank.

 Are air stones good for fish tanks?

What Are The Aquarium Air Stone Benefits?

To have a better understanding of the aquarium air stone benefits, we need to understand the benefits of water movement in the aquarium. Read more about all this below.

Supports Gas Exchange

You can look at the circulation of water as a mild cool breeze in a small stuffy room. Simple as that! Accordingly, when the water on the aquarium tank is circulated well, the dissolved gases are exchanged rapidly.

In addition, your aquatic pets produce gases like carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrogen, and they need to be released into the atmosphere, instead of being kept inside the tank. Water that is susceptible to movement carries those oxygen bubbles and transports those unwanted gases and transports them to the surface of the water, and eventually, dispose them into the atmosphere.

Movement, Physical Activity & More

Unfortunately, in small aquariums, fish do not have complete freedom of movement because they are limited by space.

However, one of the aquarium air stone benefits is that when there is enough water circulation, your pets get the required amount of physical activity needed for their growth and development.

 Do air stones raise pH?

Higher Degree Of Biological Filtration

The circulation and movement of water helps remove gases such as methane, nitrogen, and sulfur into the atmosphere. Accordingly, biological filtration becomes more effective as the water movement doesn’t allow toxic wastes to settle at the bottom of the aquarium.

Without proper circulation on your aquarium tank, there is usually an excessive accumulation of toxins, metabolic waste, mucus, and other similar organic wastes. This can have a particularly negative effect on your coral.

Is This Device Necessary?

If you are concerned about the health of your aquatic pets, then the answer is yes. This type of device is especially beneficial (and necessary) if you have a filter powered by an air pump because it helps the filter to run smoothly.

Lastly, don’t forget the fact that it has the ability to greatly enhance the appearance of your aquarium.

In Conclusion

Many people often wonder if they need this type of device in their aquarium tank. When all aquarium air stone benefits are considered, the answer is an absolute yes! Whether you have a filter or not, this type of device can significantly improve water circulation.

Some of the aquarium air stone benefits are water purification, oxygen supply, creating a healthier living environment, etc.

Do you have this device and what are your experiences with it? Let us know in the comments.

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Are Air Stones Good For Fish Tanks?

The air stone is a pretty smart device that has a lot of benefits. Namely, it has the ability to make the filter work efficiently, purify water, ensure oxygen supply and provide a healthy environment for your pets.

What Is The Purpose Of An Air Stone?

Some of its purposes are to gradually disperse oxygen into the aquarium tank, remove noise and large bubbles, as well as provide better living conditions.


Do Air Stones Raise Ph?

In short, increasing the concentration of oxygen will serve to reduce the concentration of carbon dioxide, and less carbon dioxide means higher pH. Accordingly, air stone has a direct effect on increasing the pH in your aquarium tank.

Do Air Stones Reduce Algae?

The more aerated and circulated the water, the harder it is for algae to become established.