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How to Create a Paludarium?

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Paludariums are a form of vivarium where the humidity and temperature is controlled through varying levels of water. A paludarium provides an opportunity to experience living in a rainforest ecosystem without taking any risks or adding chemicals into your home.

Paludarium’s are a popular type of terrarium. A paludarium is a self-contained ecosystem that simulates the natural environment of a swamp. The soil used for this project should be bought from a local garden center, or you can make your own using compost.

How do I start paludarium?

A: To start a Paludarium, you will need to purchase the game and download it. Once you have done that, go into the main menu and select Paludarium. You will then be prompted to enter your email address. Enter this in and press confirm on the next screen. This is where you will receive your key for the Paludarium!

What is a paludarium tank?

A: A paludarium is a type of vivarium that has been designed to resemble a marshy area. It usually consists of a water-filled basin with plants and other vegetation growing in it, and the whole thing can be enclosed in glass or Plexiglas.


Paludariums are a popular option for those who want to have an aquarium without having to deal with the fish. The “paludarium kit” is a system that allows you to create your own.

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