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How to Keep Starfish Alive?

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Starfish have a way of catching their food in their pincer-like limbs. But humans can’t do this, as they lack the ability to clasp or grab objects between their fingers and toes. However, still need oxygen from water like all other aquatic animals – so where does that leave them? The answer is: on land! So what’s stopping us from just plopping these poor creatures right back into the ocean?

Starfish are a type of sea creature that live in the ocean and can be found on beaches. They have a very hard exterior, which makes them difficult to keep alive. However, there are some steps you can take to help save your starfish.

How do you set up a starfish tank?

A: You should start by setting up a tank that is at least 10 gallons. Then, you will need to purchase live rock and sand from your local fish store. Next, youll want to buy an air pump and some airline tubing. Finally, youll need to purchase a heater for the tank as well as an aquarium light.


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