How to Get Rid Of Vermetid Snails?

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Vermetid snails are a type of land snail in the family Helicidae that lives on moist soils. Sometimes they can be seen crawling around and eating leaves from plants. Vermetid snails are one of several species within the genus Helix, found throughout Europe including Turkey, Iran, Myanmar and China. They often live near rivers or streams where they feed on any plant material they can find while moving slowly across wet soil to avoid drying up during periods with little rainfall.u3002

“What will eat vermetid snails” is a question that has been asked many times. If you want to get rid of the vermetid snails, then you should use a predatory snail such as the “Mesopodomys hamiltoni”.


The “vermetid snail predator” is a type of snail that can be found in the ocean. They are known to eat anything from algae to crabs and fish eggs. The snails are usually seen on rocks or corals, but they will also crawl out onto the beach when it is low tide.

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