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How to Turn Dwarf Hairgrass into a Carpet?

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Dwarf hairgrass loves moisture and grows in aquariums, terrariums, ponds as well as garden landscapes. It is an easy-to use plant with a wide leaf shape that works to clean up the soil it sits in or floats on top of water.

Dwarf hairgrass is an easy to grow plant that can be grown on the floor of a fish tank. It requires no CO2, so it’s perfect for tanks with low levels of CO2.

How is Java moss used as carpet?

A: Java moss is used as carpet because it is a very durable plant that can withstand high amounts of foot traffic. It also has a natural resistance to mold and mildew, which makes it an excellent choice for indoor use.


Dwarf hairgrass is a type of grass that can be propagated. To do this, the plant must be divided into clumps and each clump must then have at least two nodes removed. Reference: dwarf hairgrass propagation.

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