Can Ghost Shrimp Live With Goldfish? 3 Ridiculously Useful Tips To Consider

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Can ghost shrimp live with goldfish? Find out everything that might interest you.

Both of these species of pets, ghost shrimp and goldfish are very popular for keeping in the aquarium due to their tolerance to temperatures and water conditions. So, if you are considering introducing both of these species to your tank, you may like to know, can ghost shrimp live with goldfish? Therefore, stay with us whether their coexistence will end in success or failure.

Can Ghost Shrimp Live With Goldfish?

One thing is for sure, goldfish have proven to stay peacefully with bottom feeders since their paths rarely cross, thus the answer to the question “can ghost shrimp live with goldfish” is positive.

Their successful cohabitation depends on several factors like the tank size, the availability of hiding places, the size of the shrimp, and the temperament of these two pets. It is extremely important to provide a tank large enough to avoid overcrowding.

Accordingly, one goldfish requires a 10gal tank, whereas ten ghost shrimps can survive well in a 1gal tank. So, from this, we can conclude that the size of the tank is mainly determined by the number of goldfish kept.

Furthermore, both pet species require water with an average PH of between 6-and 8. In addition, it is important to note that ghost shrimp and goldfish are adversely affected by ammonia and nitrite levels. Regular monitoring and testing of the quality of your aquarium water is essential.

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Since ghost shrimps have a low tolerance for the presence of various chemicals and contaminants, regular water samples should be taken to a pet store to check on the chemical concentration levels and determine if the water is suitable for life.

Overfeeding, and keeping uneaten food leftovers for a long period of time in the tank (without cleaning) greatly increases the toxic levels. Both nitrite and ammonia are very harmful to ghost shrimps and goldfish and their concentrations should always be kept under watch.

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Questions Of The Day

Do Goldfish Eat Shrimp?

If you look at the food chain, crustaceans are natural food for omnivorous fish. Accordingly, goldfish prey on ghost shrimp. That statement refers to life in the wild and doesn’t have to refer to captivity, although it can.

When kept in an aquarium tank, goldfish generally have access to food and don’t have to hunt for prey. However, don’t be surprised if they change their mind and eventually eat their tank mate. Goldfish will generally ignore ghost shrimp as long as they have sufficient amounts of food and will prefer their regular processed foods as opposed to chasing live prey.

Furthermore, the more peaceful their temperament, the ghost shrimp will have a better chance of survival. As we have stated, their behavior can change at any time and no one can guess whether your goldfish will develop an interest in their tank roommate.

Can Ghost Shrimp Harm Goldfish?

Some species of shrimp are quite aggressive and by no means desirable as roommates for other species of aquarium pets. According to some research, they love to nibble at the slimy outer layer of goldfish. This can, unfortunately, have negative consequences as it increases the likelihood of disease attacks and pest attacks on the goldfish.

Ultimately, ghost shrimp is a fairly peaceful species and should not attack your goldfish.

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How To Enable The Coexistence Of These Two Aquarium Species?

Since goldfish eat ghost shrimp, conflicts are a harsh reality you can expect. Chances are high that your goldfish will eat some of your shrimps from time to time, however most species of shrimp breed abundantly. Accordingly, your goldfish may not be able to completely wipe out the entire population. However, you can expect it to always be in constant decline.

Now that you know can ghost shrimp live with goldfish, read below for three common ways to keep ghost shrimp and goldfish happy & healthy.

Artificial & Living Plant Decorations

Shrimps have an innate ability to easily find hiding places; thus, a planted tank will greatly help them make their lives easier. Furthermore, keep in mind that goldfish like to uproot plants and dig around the gravel thus endangering your shrimp. Buying fake plants is a great alternative because your fish will not bother with them.

Tank Decorations & Ornaments

Different types of ornaments intended for aquarium use will give shrimp places to conceal themselves. They are mostly looking for small nooks and crannies where they could hide, and the positive thing is that goldfish will not find them so easily due to their large size.

Introduce the Ghost Shrimp First

According to experts, this is the best thing you can do for your pets. If you add the shrimps first, they will have enough time to explore the aquarium tank and find suitable places to hide. Accordingly, they will be better prepared for the danger that arises from the presence of different species of aquarium animals, including goldfish.

In Conclusion

For all those who are wondering can ghost shrimp live with goldfish, the answer is yes. If you provide them with the best possible conditions, both the goldfish and ghost shrimps can be placed together and live a long and healthy life.

Still, keep something in mind, if the goldfish is big enough, they might not eat the adult ghost shrimp, but no one can guarantee they won’t try to eat younger and smaller shrimp.

We hope you found this article useful. If you have any questions feel free to contact us in the comments below. We are expecting you.

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What Fish Can Live With Ghost Shrimp?

Ghost shrimp can live long and happily with any of the following species: Kuhli loaches, Pygmy corydoras, Red Cherry Shrimp, Hatchet fish, Chili rasbora, Nerite snails, etc.

Do Fish Eat Ghost Shrimp?

Some fish species do eat ghost shrimp; moreover, they are often purchased as “feeders” for larger more aggressive fish, including Cichlids.

Do Ghost Shrimp Clean Tanks?

That's right, they remove uneaten food and lower algae levels. Their day is always quite active and busy.

Can Ghost Shrimp Live With Snails?

Ghost shrimp can live with some species of aquarium snails, including Nerite Snails, Mystery Snails, Corys, Ottos, etc.