10 Most Interesting Aquarium Pets Other Than Fish

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These are the most interesting aquarium pets other than fish. From snails, crabs, crayfish to frogs and turtles. Click to learn more.

More and more aquarium hobbyists are filling their tanks with various types of non-fish aquarium pets. Did you know that there are hundreds of aquarium species that are not fish that you can adopt? These are just some of the many ideas you can use. The possibilities are endless!

Here are our 10 most interesting aquarium pets other than fish.

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Non-fish Aquarium Pets That You Simply Must Have

African Dwarf Frog

Although you would think differently, not all frogs spend their lives outdoors. The best example is the African dwarf frog, which spends its entire life in water. This species of frog can live in a variety of environments, from the largest to the smallest betta bowls.

The African dwarf frog is known for its low maintenance; all it needs is clean water and food. Lastly, don’t forget to get a cover for your aquarium, as this species of frog is a great escape artist.


Crayfish are relatives of lobsters. However, unlike them, they are smaller and freshwater. Unfortunately, they are quite aggressive towards other crayfish so let them be the only ones in the aquarium. They can also attack bottom-dwelling fish or slow-moving fish. They get along well with active, medium, or top-level fish, such as tetras or angelfish.

Sea Monkey

If you are thinking of getting cool aquarium pets, consider Sea Monkey. They are an artificially produced breed of shrimp and are considered a cult sensation. They are special because they are born with one eye, and after their maturity, two more pop up.

In terms of appearance, they are transparent and breathe through their feathered legs and can be reproduced sexually or asexually. They lay eggs that, when dried, can remain viable for years. When you feel it’s time to grow again, just put them in the water. Babies will need about a week to mature.

Fire-Bellied Newt

If you are a fan of non-fish aquarium pets, the Fire-Bellied Newt is ideal for you. This animal prefers diversity. So, let 70 percent of your aquarium can be water and the rest a sloping land area for the newt to bask.

Provide it with a floating cork crust on which it will be able to rest when needed. Also, your aquarium should have plenty of aquatic plants, rocks, logs, and many other things to climb and hide. Lastly, remember that they secrete a toxin that can irritate your skin. So it would be good to wear gloves if you have to handle your newt.


Axolotls are unusual but wonderful inhabitants of an aquarium that is unfortunately threatened with extinction. What sets them apart from other aquatic pets is their ability to heal and regenerate. Did you know that Axolotls can regenerate parts of their brains when damaged, or even re-grow a damaged limb?

This type of pet is quite messy and can quickly contaminate/soil all the water from the tank. If you plan to get them, provide them with twice the size of the tank and be prepared for frequent cleaning and maintenance.


Until recently, octopuses were not explicitly popular as pets, but their popularity is growing day by day. There are many types of octopuses, depending on the care required. Unfortunately, they are ideal only for experienced aquarium owners.

When it comes to maintenance, octopuses don’t like to be kept in an aquarium with other fish or even with other octopuses. Try to keep one octopus per tank. Other specific needs depend on the species itself.

Although they require a lot of attention and dedication, these very intelligent creatures can be the best aquarium pets you have ever had.

Aquatic Turtle

Although quite unique and beautiful, aquatic turtles are not low-maintenance. They are hard work. Aquatic turtles often can’t be housed with other fish.

Their diet is a particularly difficult task. They eat live food, and worst of all they make a big mess when they do it. So, try to provide them with a large aquarium tank and with extensive filtration system. Since they make a big mess, you will be forced to completely empty and bleach the aquarium tank at least once a week.

best aquarium pets

Mini Crab

The Mini Crab is an entertaining and quite cool addition to any tank. This type of aquarium pet is very energetic and can spend hours performing a “crab walk” around the bottom of the tank.

Although they prefer the water, it would be good to provide them with plants that will serve them for climbing. Also, make sure that they have a small space above the water line for socializing and relaxing.

As for diet, they feed on algae. They like a quiet environment but will protect themselves against aggressive fish.

Sea Horse

Although technically a fish, it looks very different. They are very calm in nature and will not do well in aquariums with aggressive fish. They prefer to thrive in a tank alone or with a group of small gobies.

Sea horses prefer vertical tanks in which they can swim up and down while grasping onto perches as they go. Also, try to set a lot of “hitching posts” for them to latch onto. Trust us, all visitors will enjoy watching them play in their home.


Snails are the most common aquarium pets other than fish. They enjoy living alone or as cohabitants with fish or other creatures. The most common types of snails that aquarium hobbyists opt for are Mystery, Inca, Nerite, and Rabbit snails.

They are fairly low-maintenance, and their tank requires 10-25 percent water replacement every two to four weeks. This makes them suitable for beginners as well. Lastly, don’t be fooled. You will need a cover that sticks tightly as they can climb the walls of their aquariums and escape if given a chance.

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To Wrap Things Up

As you have had the opportunity to see for yourself, there are many things you can keep in an aquarium instead of fish. From snails, crabs, crayfish to frogs and turtles, there is something for everyone.

All it takes to make them thrive is your attention, devotion, and love. What are your favorite aquarium pets other than fish? Write to us below.

Happy fishkeeping everyone!

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