Everything You Need To Know About Air Powered Aquarium Decorations

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Whether you are looking for a garden flower or a novelty stone ornament, there are air-powered aquarium decorations suitable for everyone’s tank.

Air-powered aquarium decorations will not only improve water quality and your fish’s health but will create a unique look for your tank. They are most commonly used with aquarium filters, decorations, and many other air-powered devices.

In this article, we will discuss what these devices are, what are the benefits of using them, and do we need them at all? Stay with us and find out the answers to all the questions that might interest you.

What Do We Mean By Air Powered Aquarium Decorations?

Simply put – air-powered aquarium decorations are devices that will help you create an ideal living environment for your aquarium pets.

These small devices are located outside the aquarium and use electricity, either from a wall outlet or a battery to pump air into the fish tank. The air travels from the air pump to the fish tank decoration or device using airline tubing, the air then escapes into the water, creates bubbles, and adds movements to the water.

Types of these devices you can currently buy:

  • Airstones,
  • Bubble Wands,
  • Flexible Bubble Wands & Walls,
  • LED Bubblers,
  • Bubbler Ornaments & Decorations.

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What Do Air Powered Aquarium Decorations Do?

These devices have two basic functions. Read more about each of them below.

Aerate The Water

Just like us, our aquatic pets feel the need to breathe. To make this process successful, pets draw dissolved oxygen from the water – without it, the vast majority of them would suffocate.

Most of the oxygen in the aquarium enters through the surface and then dissolves in the water, i.e. gas exchange occurs. The calmer the water surface (not turbulent, no waves), the less oxygen enters the water, and vice versa.

The air bubbles that appear as a result of the process help create waves that additionally circulate the water, which is essential to increase the oxygen content in the tank. Air-powered aquarium decorations trigger surface agitation while promoting water movement. The more water is exposed to the atmosphere the more oxygen transfer is enabled.

Best of all, you can even arbitrarily change the direction of the bubbles to ensure movement through the tank. Finally, the higher the oxygen content, the happier your aquatic pets will be.

Aerate The Water

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Increase Water Movement

Air-powered aquarium decorations interfere with water and encourage movement and flow, ultimately resulting in improved circulation. The good thing about using such devices is that the bubbles are quite gentle, and accordingly their use results in a gentler water flow, quite the opposite than when you would use a powerhead that shoots across the fish tank, for example.

By using such devices, you do not risk stagnation, turbidity, and the stench of water in your fish tank. They create a gentle, steady flow that doesn’t disturb residents and provides all the benefits they need for healthy growth and development. In short – they help create the ideal environment for your aquatic pets.

How To Tell If You Need Air Powered Aquarium Decorations?

In some cases, their use will be necessary, while in others it is a matter of choice. These are the scenarios where it becomes a must.

  1. A corner filter or a gravel filter requires the help of this type of device to ensure that the filtration system works perfectly.
  2. Some aquarium decorations such as plants and weeds require the installation of a bubbler to create sway modes and create a natural look to the tank.
  3. Newts, shrimps, crabs, and frogs need optimal circulation in the tank because otherwise, they will crawl out in search of oxygen.


Deciding whether you need air-powered aquarium decorations is not always the easiest. But if you decide to purchase one, you should definitely invest in a good-quality bubbler. The benefits of its use are endless.

Keep in mind that there are different bubbles for saltwater and freshwater aquariums. Those intended for saltwater can be used in a freshwater aquarium, but not vice versa.

Tell us more about your experiences with air-powered aquarium decorations in the section below.

Happy fish keeping everyone!

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How Do Bubbler Decorations Work In Fish Tanks?

Long story short, bubbler decorations are connected to the aquarium pump and release oxygen bubbles in the water. They enrich the water with extra oxygen and help the fauna and flora in your fish tank to thrive.

Unlike lights that are not recommended to be turned on constantly, these types of devices usually work 24/7.

How Do You Attach A Decorative Bubbler To A Fish Tank?

The best thing about a decorative bubbler is that it can be placed virtually anywhere in an aquarium. Its primary role is to be decorative, and the extra oxygen is just a bonus that comes with it.

Therefore, there are no restrictions/limits, but there are recommendations. Thus, for example, it is not recommended to place it directly under the aquarium filter, as it could suck in the air bubbles.

As for the setup process, it looks like this:

Connect one end of the tubing to the bubbler and place it directly in the tank.
Pass the tube along the bottom of the tank and along the rear corner closest to the pump.
Connect the opposite end of the tube to the pump, and cut off any excess tube with a craft knife.
Turn it on. If you can see the bubbles, you did it right!

What Is An Aquarium Bubbler?

An aquarium bubble, also known as an air stone, is any device that attaches to an air pump, via an air tube, to create bubbles inside your aquarium tank. These bubbles help oxygenate the water as they rise to the surface. Increased oxygen levels in the water result in improved living conditions for fish, flora, and other creatures living in the aquarium.

Do Fish Like Air Bubbles?

There is no one-size-fits-all here. Whether your fish will like bubbles depends on the species of the fish. Some just like to play with bubbles, while others can’t stand them at all.