200-Gallon Aquarium Dimensions

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A 200-gallon tank can be a great choice if you want to have a large aquarium with lots of fish. However, if you plan to get one you will want to know what are the 200-gallon aquarium dimensions. This helps ensure it is not too big for the space you have.

Though having a large aquarium can be great, it does require a lot of maintenance. However, there are many interesting and unique aquatic creatures you can have in that size of the tank. It is a good size to have either saltwater or freshwater fish.

200-Gallon Aquarium Dimensions

The dimensions of a 200-Gallon aquarium will vary slightly based on the design of the tank. There are wide, tall, and bowed tanks, each with different dimensions.

A standard 200-gallon Aquarium is wide, with the dimensions of 96 inches wide, 25 inches deep, and 20 inches tall. The tall style of 200 gallons is 72.5 inches wide, 24.5 inches deep, and 27.5 inches tall. A bowed 200-gallon tank is 72 inches wide, 18 inches deep, and 30 inches tall.

Though the dimensions will vary by the individual size, they generally adhere to the sizes above. They are either made from glass or acrylic. A tank this large in size will need plenty of space and support.

Glass Vs Acrylic Fish Tanks

Both glass and acrylic aquariums have many benefits. Many fish owners will have a preference of one over the other.

Acrylic fish tanks are lightweight and easy to manufacture. They can come in straight or curved panels, depending on your preference. However, acrylic tanks tend to scratch easily and are more prone to fabrication flaws.

In addition, acrylic tanks can become brittle over time and even develop a yellow tint. This is due to the fact they are not truly UV-safe.

Glassfish tanks are often a favorite choice among aquarium enthusiasts. They are scratch-resistant and are also offer more clarity. In addition, glass tanks can even be more affordable than acrylic.

Glass also offers better insulation than acrylic does. However, sharp impacts are more likely to crack or break your glass tank than they are acrylic. Glass can also be more tricky to clean than acrylic can be.

glass acuarium

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How Much Does A 200-Gallon Tank Weigh?

A 200-gallon glass fish tank is very heavy. The weight of the water alone to fill that size of an aquarium will be near 1,600 pounds. When you add in the weight of the tank, gravel, decorations, pump, filter, and fish, it will likely be around 2,000 pounds or even more.

With how heavy that is, you will need a stand capable of supporting that much weight. Oftentimes, you will have to buy a specialized stand for your aquarium to ensure it will be able to hold that much weight. You don’t want to risk your stand collapsing and breaking your fish tank, which would be catastrophic.

Cost Of A 200-Gallon Aquarium

Fish tanks can easily be very expensive, especially when they are so large. An aquarium that is 200 gallons can easily cost $1,200-$3,000 or even more. Tanks that include a stand with them can cost $4,ooo-$7,000 or more.

In addition to the cost of the tank, you will also have to pay for all the supplies. This includes the filter, pump, substrate, cleaning supplies, lighting, decorations, heater, fish, and plants. This can easily cost several hundred dollars or even more.

Stands alone can easily cost anywhere from $400-$2,500 or more. The prices will vary depending on the size, design, and material of the stand.

Freshwater Fish For A 200-Gallon Aquarium

There are many great varieties of freshwater fish you can get for a 200-gallon aquarium. With such a large tank, you are able to have large species of fish that will make a wonderful conversation piece in your home.

Fish species such as the Angelfish, Plecos, Cichlids, Knifefish, Freshwater African Butterflyfish, Prochilodus, Barbs, and Corydoras are a great choice for a 200-gallon tank. You can even get fresh water sharks for your tank such as the Black shark, Violet Blushing shark, Silver Apollo sharks, and Bala sharks.

Before you buy fish for your tank be certain to do proper research on their care requirements. Also, be certain to see what species they get along with in order to have a harmonious environment. It can be beneficial to have a variety that includes bottom-dwellers, middle swimmers, and top swimmers.

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Saltwater Fish For A 200-Gallon Aquarium

Having a saltwater tank allows you to have many unique and interesting species. It can make a wonderful addition to your home and will impress all of your guests. Large saltwater tanks can be an exciting hobby for experienced fish owners looking for something new and unique.

If your tank is 200 gallons, fish species such as Groupers, Copperband Butterflyfish, Sweetlips, Harlequin Tusk, Lyretail Anthias, and Triggerfish can be great options. You can also have saltwater sharks, such as Epaulette sharks and Northern Wobbegong sharks. There are also many beautiful plant species you can add to your tank including coral.

Just as you would with freshwater fish, be sure to do proper research before buying any fish. Research the proper care they need along with what species they get along with.

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Large and Versatile

The average 200-gallon tank is approximately 96 inches wide, 25 inches deep and 20 inches tall. Though this can make for a fantastic centerpiece in your home, a fish tank this size requires lots of cleaning and maintenance.

With 200 gallons, you are able to have several different species of saltwater or freshwater fish. You can even have other aquatic species as well, which make for great conversation pieces in your home.

When choosing your tank, you can either get glass or acrylic. Once you have your tank, you will want to be certain that you have a large enough stand to support it. A fish tank this size with everything in it can weigh around 2,000 pounds or even more.

Do you have any questions regarding 200-gallon aquarium dimensions? If so, please ask any questions relating to fish tanks and care in the comment section down below.

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